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Precision large format Computer Assisted Drawings & diagrams along with all the construction details needed to install a regulation government approved system, part of a complete information package not available from other designers.

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Approval Process:

  1. Initial site inspection and submission to GSC by approved designer.
  2. Certificate of approval for design plan.
  3. Installation by applicant (within 24 months of issuance).
    If installation is delayed a 1 year extension can be requested.
  4. Inspection by GSC prior to backfilling.
  5. Final approval certificate to complete construction.

APPLICATION PROCESS:(Required documentation)

  1. Lot diagram.
  2. Percolation test results.
  3. Soil strata and type.
  4. Depth to groundwater/bedrock (determined by excavation to 2m max. depth).
  5. System design calculations and drawings.
  6. Description of general area ground conditions.
  7. Soil imports ( source, type, percolation results ).
  8. Subsurface system profile.
  9. Floor Plan.
  10. Municipal Approval.
  11. Legal deed for private land.
  12. Application to develop land.

It is important to be aware that a lot will not be accepted if the minimum requirement of 1 foot of *acceptable soil above bedrock or the water table over an area large enough to accommodate a septic field, typically a 25 x 65' or greater rectangular area is not met. A slow rate of percolation and/or an increasing number of bedrooms in a cottage or dwelling will require a larger area.

*(soil exhibiting favorable percolation rates and granular structure and not having excessive rock content) .

A septic system designed is required for crown applications, Hydro hookup′s, building permits, mortgages etc.

Sample Layout of Lot - actual map size, ( 13 x 19 )"

septic field

Scalable pdf version

Design Cost: $350.00 + .30/km mileage/Lot.         (prices include HST)


Discount rates are available for systems using client provided field data. Field testing must be done by registered designer or certified engineer following standard procedure. Travel rates are negotiable depending on location.

Specializing in Septic Chambers:

A modern superior alternative to the traditional use of septic stones as a disposal medium.
Trouble-free installations and a proven 100% greater efficiency in treating septic waste.


Delivered free throughout Newfoundland.

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