In Focus


By David Tilley


Gros Morne National Park in western Nfld claims to have the worlds highest density population of moose. The wide expanse of St. Pauls Inlet seemed like an ideal getaway for this long distance swimmer. Unfortunately a determined cloud of black files wasn't deterred.

While following the lengthly shoreline in canoe it was hard to miss the large velvet covered rack appearing on the horizon as this mature bull made its way to shore. Allowing shoreline vegetation to break up my outline and keeping the sun over my shoulder I was able to make a reasonably close approach without alarming the animal.

A 500mm lens was needed to fill the frame while keeping a comfortable distance. Push processing was used to shoot at 400 ISO and a shutter speed of 1/500 sec equal to the lens focal length to ensure sharpness.

Camera: Minolta Maxxum 800si Lens: Sigma 500 f/ 7.2 APO
Ektachrome 200 ISO

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