Within Wild Shores (A Photographers Ode to Newfoundland)

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A thousand years after the arrival of the Vikings, the island of Newfoundland, for many a distant outpost in the North Atlantic still offers a bounty of natural wonders to explore. Internationally published photographer David Tilley through a series of original photographs and essays delves into the unique character of a landscape roughly hewn by the primal forces of nature. Photographs culled from more than 20 years of fieldwork provide a diverse range of locations and subjects.

From the Greenland icebergs that arrive on the Labrador current in spring to the unique geology of Gros Morne where the Earth's mantle is exposed. Wild animals that have evolved in isolation, trees and wildflowers adapted to the challenges of a northern Marine climate.

The paperback edition is in large A4 format and includes 124 original images with full bleed and a 14 point font for high legibility.


"What an accomplishment. To me it evokes not only Newfoundland, but Canada. And I looked at every image long enough to realize that each has its own hue, textures and moodóworthy of many return visits. Each one a tug on the soul." - MONTE HUMMEL (President Emeritus, World Wildlife Fund Canada)

"an A+ tribute to the Island of Newfoundland, Canada. Presented "within" this book's covers is the genuine essence of the Island's History, from its geological birth and changes to present day flora and fauna. With its excellent photography and reading, this book would be a valuable asset to each school library and public library." - D. Huxter, Retired HIgh School Biology Teacher

"This beautiful book treats the readers not only to gorgeous photographs of the unique and gorgeous landscapes of Newfoundland and up-close portraits of the wonderful critters that live there, but a fun and informative narrative that draws you in page after page. Enjoy!" - Justina Ray, President & Senior Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

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Guide to Hiking, Green Bay Trails

Trail guide

On the northeast shore of Newfoundland, the north shore forest and rugged headlands meet the North Atlantic in a pristine interzone where history, culture, marine and terrestrial ecology merge. Traditional routes have been developed into a network of elaborate trails to prominent lookouts. Areas which were previously inaccessible now have comfortable trails of light to moderate difficulty, revealing sights previously unseen, even to local residents. A great number of amenities ease the difficulty in hiking in an area where rough terrain and dense underbrush pose a challenge. Gazebos, viewing platforms, steps, boardwalks, bridges, benches and tables have been generously distributed to create hiking destinations that appeal to a crossection of the population. People of all ages and in varying physical condition can find something appealing amongst the many choices for hiking Green Bay Trails.

While documenting the region in pictures, I have been pleased to discover adventure in my own backyard. A great variety of sea, forest and landscapes are found here. On a smaller scale, abundant wild flora and fauna heighten the interest for outdoor lovers. This brief booklet contains diagrams and information to aid in the enjoyment of the hiking experience. Photographs shot on location are used to illustrate various points of interest.

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